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Heavy Duty

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Product Description

SILENCER Heavy-Duty model (also available in extended model) is designed for increased chute life with reinforced construction, modular construction for superior maintenance, and replaceable heavy duty drop bars.

  • Yearling option - Same overall SILENCER dimensions with a lowered dropbar area for more body access on lightweight cattle. Chute is also available with 1-side yearling option and 1-side regular sidegate.

  • Heavy Duty model and Extended Heavy Duty model have left or right controls or Pivot controls from side to side or front to back.

  • Add a carrier for a quick, portable chute. Carry-All carrier is available for Heavy Duty model and Overhead carrier is available for Extended Heavy Duty model.

  • One-year warranty.  


Additional Add-on Equipment:

 Heavy Duty Model Options

  • Pivot controls & pivot with overhead scales (left or right controls) - front-to-back or side-to-side

  • Dual controls

  • Rubber-belted louvers on sidegates

  • Side exit  –  (per side) left, right or both

  • Hydraulic lower squeeze

  • Hydraulic neck bars (adjustable) – 2 neck bars included

  • Hydraulic head restraint – left or right

  • Neck extension bar (each)

  • De-Horner head restraint – left or right

  • Rear walk-through doors (26 inches) – (per side) left, right or both

  • Additional neck access - (per sidegate) left, right or both

  • Rebar floor - Available on Heavy Duty & Heavy Duty Extended Models. Not available on Ranch or Ranch or Ranch Extended Models.

  • Hydraulic kick bars

  • Brisket Bar

  • Power supply options: 5 HP Electric Hydraulic Pump (industrial motor with pressure relief valve & quick couplers) – 1 or 3 phase; Gas Powered HPV 550 Hydraulic Pump: Honda 6.5 HP engine, hydraulic pump, two spool valve with pressure relief, reservoir, oil filter, female quick couplers, carry package includes handles

  • Scale options: Weigh-Tronix Platform Scales; Weigh-Tronix Overhead Scales; Weigh-Tronix Overhead Scales for Extended Model Chute

  • Carriers: Yoke, Carry-All or Overhead Carriers

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