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Product Description

Added safety. Less effort. Less people.

Moly’s Flight Zone Avoidance (FZA) system includes Moly’s TurretGate, Circular Fencing, Hydraulic Loading Chute, Dual & Single Alleys, Transitions & SILENCER Chutes. The completely customizable FZA system features easy installation and an easy anchoring system. The system is remote controlled, easy to use, and made from quality materials. Our engineers will work with you to put the pieces together creating a system that meets your needs. Products may be purchased as separate components or as a complete system. 

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced Stress on Animals - Humans are able to stay farther from the animal’s flight zone while animals flow through the Moly FZA system without added pressure or the use of electric prods. The use of the remote control creates a low-stress area for animals and humans.

  • Safety – Use of remote control virtually eliminates contact with cattle in high impact areas.

  • Less Labor Required – System requires less effort. It can be operated by remote, from a distance, by one person with little training and no cattle-handling experience. 

  • Easy to Install and Use – System (including anchoring) is easily installed and ready for use in as few as 4 hours.

  • Adjustable Hydraulic Loading Chute – Adjustable from 10” to 58”. The Easy Loading Platform remains horizontal at all times, lessening stress on animals entering or exiting trucks. A Safe Access Door includes slam-shut latch that closes off animal flow. Door latch can be reached from either side of loading chute and cannot swing out to hit operator.


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