Product Description

Moly Manufacturing’s alleys are designed to be the quietest alleys in the west with our patented noise reduction system. Our alleys are remote controlled and include safety features to lesson injury of animals and humans.


Additional Add-on Equipment:


  • Safety – All alleys include an emergency exit with swing-out panels on both sides for emergency access. Alleys are engineered with hydraulic, dual-purpose, powered rear folding tailgate that adjusts vertically to hydraulically lift tailgate up and off lead animals back.


  • Remote controlled – Alleys are equipped with remote control options controlling the adjustment of center walls. User can operate alleys from up to 100ft away, making the area safer for animals and people. Both remote and manual operations are available. 


  • RFID enabled – Alleys are designed to accommodate antennas for radio frequency identification of cattle.


  • Reduced stress and injury – The cushioned entry frame on the alleys reduce shoulder bruising on the cattle. Alleys also include blinders on the tailgate blocking the vision of waiting animals from seeing into the alley. Alleys are engineered with hydraulic, dual-purpose, powered rear folding tailgate that adjusts vertically to hydraulically lift tailgate up and off lead animal’s back.


  • Quiet – Moly’s noise reduction system includes a high-density polyethylene side panels for noise reduction creating less stress on the animals.


  • Easy Access – Every alley includes swing-out panels on both sides of the alley, making alleyways easy to access for emergencies, cleaning or maintenance.


  • Multi-Functional and adjustable – The modular transition frame, including a gravity hinge gate, enables transitions from a dual alley into a single lane. Alleys are adjustable in width and the rear folding tailgate can be set in a float position or forward animal direction. They hydraulically stop cattle flow with full alley close-off capability. Options include hydraulically adjustable sides or fixed alley center section, remote controlled hydraulic directional flow and opening and closing of center walls. 

  • Customizable – Moly’s alleys are adaptable, with ten-foot modular dual alley sections fitting together for maximum customization and functionality. Dual alleys, transition alleys, and single alleys are available to piece together your solution.

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