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Product Description

Less people. Less effort. Added safety. TurretGate is an advanced gate design that shuttles back through the Turret, re-positioning behind waiting animals. It eliminates the need to swing the gate back open into the waiting animals and virtually eliminates the need for humans to be in with the cattle. The gate is controlled remotely and significantly reduces the stress on animals, compared to the old-style manual crowd gates that pressure the animals into smaller areas, increasing the animal’s stress. TurretGate helps keep your animals calm and your people safe. Moly's hydraulic sort gates can easily be added and customized to an existing facility.

Additional Add-on Options:

Features and Benefits

  • Safety - Closing an old-style manual crowd gate requires the operator to be close to the animals, making quick movements with physical exertion. As the animals are pressured into a smaller pen size, their stress increases, which can result in both animal and operator injury. The age-old practice of opening a closed gate back into the face of waiting livestock sends a mixed message, which creates further stress. The TurretGate virtually eliminates contact with animals in high-impact areas with the use of its 320° operational swing and shuttle feature. The remote control enables the user to operate the Gate from a distance and virtually eliminates humans from the animal’s flight zone.

  • Remote Controlled - Using a remote allows the user to operate from a distance, virtually eliminating humans from the animals’ flight zone, making the area safer for animals and people. The remote control operates just like a TV remote. It includes a swing function, shuttle function, reverse swing function, along with other additional functions from up to 100ft away. Both remote and manual operations are available. 

  • Sorting Tool - One of the TurretGate’s many uses include being used as a sorting tool. The gate can swing and shuttle at the same time, and is not tied to any one position or place. The 320° operational swing allows for maximum usability.


  • Less Labor Required – The gates are remarkably easy to use and require no experience or skill to operate. It can be operated by remote, from a distance, by one person. 


  • Reduced Stress on Animals - Automated animal movement lowers animal stress, increasing their safety, and virtually eliminates human contact with animals in potential high-impact areas. Humans are able to stay outside of animal’s flight zone while animals flow through the TurretGates without added pressure or the use of electric prods. The remote control helps create this no-stress area for animals and humans. TurretGate operates on low pressure.


  • Easy to Install and Use – The TurretGate (including anchoring) is easily installed and up-and-running in no time.


  • Low Maintenance – The TurretGate is designed to have very little maintenance.


  • Customizable – The TurretGate is able to adapt to new or existing facilities and can be customized to your existing structure. Multiple gates can be used in sequence. They can be used within the complete Flight Avoidance Zone (FZA) system or as a stand-alone product.

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